Dust in the Sun

Dust in the Sun 1958

A Northern Territory policeman, is given the job of taking an Aboriginal prisoner Emu Foot, to Alice Springs to be tried for a tribal killing. Bayard is wounded during a revenge attack by tribesmen, and Emu Foot helps him get to a remote cattle station. But there Bayard gets involved in a domestic crisis involving Julie Kirkbride, the neurotic, bored wife of the station owner, and is tempted by the head stockman's daughter Chris Palady.


Morocco 1997

Martin Haberstich thinks he witnessed a murder. When he finds out, what really happened it’s too late... A slightly surrealistic film murder mystery about perception and reality.

Los muertos no hablan

Los muertos no hablan 1958

Bandit crew with mysterious masked leader is doing lots of crimes. Mauricio Rosales and his sidekick ride into town all incognito and stuff to set things right.

Frog and Wombat

Frog and Wombat 1998

Alli and Jane had their neighborhood under control... until their new principal moved in next door.

Dancing Man

Dancing Man 1934

A dancing gigolo gets involved with a wealthy lady and her young step-daughter, and murder is the result.

Take the Stand

Take the Stand 1934

A radio columnist is threatened by gangsters and later murdered during a broadcast. A detective sets out to find the killers.

Strange Tale at Midnight

Strange Tale at Midnight 1955

Upon the death of an elderly master, a family has a dispute over the distribution of an inheritance / jewelry and are haunted by ghosts.

Assignment Cloud

Assignment Cloud 1966

A sequel to the popular "The School of Spies", this film continues the adventures of one of the graduates who is assigned to crack a powerful spy ring working out of Kobe. Various people are suspected but, finally, it seems that an Army captain and his geisha friend might lead them to the ring.

The Missing People

The Missing People 1939

27 well-to-do people have all vanished under similar circumstances. J.G. Reeder, an elderly gentleman who fancies himself a detective, decides to investigate the matter.

Girls of the Big House

Girls of the Big House 1945

A women's prison provides the setting for this drama that centers around a naive small-town woman framed by a man whom she met in a nightclub in the big city. She is not welcomed by the inmates and immediately the prisoners are divided.